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Hydrangea (Tile) Heaven – 15 Hydrangea Tiles Design Ideas


If you are looking for floral wall tile ideas to create a unique tiled wall for a new kitchen, bathroom or conservatory, we have lots of Hydrangea tiles ideas for you here. They are all based on tiles available from Floral Tiles and using them, a huge number of pattern combinations are possible. Here, we look at just a few of the many possible tile patterns – to inspire you to design your perfect tiled wall!

Hydrangeas in Home Decor

With beautiful colours and large, luxuriant blooms, Hydrangea designs on wall tiles are a gorgeous addition to home decor. The pretty flowers have a vintage or “shabby chic” feel. If you’re anything like me, they evoke childhood memories of gardens in summer and Hydrangea fabric patterns seem to be in many old family photos – on curtains and cushions and even sofas.

Hydrangeas can be a slightly more unusual alternative (or addition to) roses or other flowers in interior design. These Hydrangea tile ideas include pinks, blues and greens, making them a versatile choice for a range of colour schemes. Just like many flowers, Hydrangeas are timeless, so including this flower in your tiled wall design will help them look fresh and beautiful for a lifetime.

What do Hydrangeas Symbolise?

Before permanently adding them to your walls, it’s worth checking that Hydrangeas symbolise qualities that you want in your home. First, a bit about the flowers themselves. There are about 75 species today and, fossilised examples from 60 million years ago have been found (so the flowers definitely qualify as “vintage”!). Some species have different colour flowers depending on the acidity of the soil they are planted in; acidic soil produces blue/purple flowers and alkaline soils produce pink/red flowers. Hydrangea root has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries – to treat kidney conditions and bronchitis, among other things.

Due to the shape of the flower, Hydrangeas are often likened to a beating heart. They symbolise genuine emotion, being grateful and gaining a deeper understanding of loved ones.

Hydrangea Tile Ideas

Blues, pinks, greens, single flowers, ditsy patterns or eclectic patchwork masterpieces, here are just a few possible combinations. We hope they inspire you to design a tiled wall that you will love for a lifetime…

Single Flower Patterns

To add a smaller, relatively subtle touch of floral design to your room, single flower tiles could work well. With a single floral image on a white background, they could be dotted here and there among plain white (or coloured) tiles.

Hydrangea tile - Floral ceramic wall tile, vintage style shabby chic pink hydrangea flowers on a white square background
This pink Hydrangea design started out life as a watercolour painting, so it has delicate colours and a vintage feel


Single pink Hydrangea tiles scattered among plain white ceramic wall tiles - pattern example
Pink Hydrangea tiles can be scattered randomly or symmetrically among plain tiles, to create a relatively subtle floral tiled wall design

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Hydrangea tile, blue hydrangea flower with green leaves on a white square background
This blue Hydrangea is based on an antique illustration and could work well with blue or green colour schemes


Hydrangea Tiles Pattern Example - Single blue Hydrangeas scattered among plain white ceramic wall tiles
These bold blue Hydrangeas can be scattered randomly, or placed in a symmetrical pattern to add a splash of blue and green to a wall


Can’t choose between bold blues and subtle pinks? How about mixture of both:


Hydrangea tiles scatter pattern example - mixed pink and blue Hydrangeas scattered among plain white ceramic wall tiles

 Patterned Hydrangea Tiles

Now we begin to be a little less subtle and a little more bold with the designs! Here are some examples of Hydrangea tiles which can be placed together to create larger patterns. Some of the “busier” designs could work well as a statement sink splashack:

Hydrangea tiles, small pink hydrangeas on a white background, tile pattern example
These small pink Hydrangea patterned tiles can be placed together to create a more geometric larger pattern


Hydrangea tiles - Ditsy Pink Hydrangea Ceramic Wall Tile Pattern Example
These tiles also feature small pink Hydrangea flowers, but in a less formal and geometric style


Hydrangea Tiles - Pink and Blue Hydrangeas on a green background, ceramic wall tiles pattern example
Another way to mix both blue and pink Hydrangeas, these tiles have a green background for a vintage design feel

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Hydrangea Tiles - Blue and Pink Flowers on a Pink Background, Ceramic Wall Tile Pattern Example
In the same style, but with a pink background, these tiles can be placed together to create a bold “shabby chic” design statement


Hydrangea Tiles - Pink Hydrangea Patterned Tile - Pattern Example
These beautiful Hydrangea tiles also feature (originally) watercolour images of wild Roses and Forget-Me-Nots


Hydrangea Tiles - Vintage-Style Hydrangea Flowers Patterned Ceramic Wall Tile Example
Something a bit different – these retro-style Hydrangea pattern tiles feature white and pink Hydrangeas on a duck-egg blue background

More Patterned Tiles Ideas

Checkered Tile Patterns

If some of these patterns are a bit much for a whole wall, they could be toned down by creating a checkered pattern using plain white (or other colour) tiles. Here are a few possibilities:

Hydrangea Tiles - Green & White Checked Ceramic Wall Tiles Pattern Example
These Hydrangea tiles with a green background can be alternated with plain white tiles to create a fresh floral look

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Hydrangea tiles - pink Hydrangeas and plain white ceramic wall tiles in a checked pattern
Using the pink Hydrangea patterned tile with plain white tiles to create a checked pattern gives a softer, more delicate design

Eclectic Tile Patterns

Here, fans of maximalist design can really let their creativity loose and design patterns with several different tiles, resulting in a patchwork effect. There are so many possible combinations that it is impossible to show examples of them all here. The exciting thing is that with a bit of imagination, you are almost certainly going to have your own completely unique tiled wall! We have made four patterns which we hope inspire you to incorporate a wall into your home decor project which is not just another boring old tiled wall, but a statement – something to enjoy looking at for many years to come.

Hydrangea Tiles - Patchwork pattern of ceramic wall tiles with watercolour Hydrangea designs
This patchwork pattern is made from just three Hydrangea tile designs, with matching colours and elements


Hydrangea Tiles - patchwork pattern example with Hydrangea flower ceramic wall tiles in blues and greens
Another patchwork example made from just three Hydrangea tile designs, this time in predominantly greens and blues


Hydrangea Tiles - Eclectic patchwork pattern example of a selection of different Hydrangea ceramic wall tiles
With greens and blues to balance out the pinks, this eclectic patchwork tile design could be used to match a variety of colour schemes

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Hydrangea Tiles - Eclectic patchwork pattern example of a selection of different Hydrangea ceramic wall tiles
This patchwork Hydrangea tile pattern is predominantly pink and would work well with “shabby chic” room decor

More Patchwork Tiles Ideas

Over to you

We hope you found some of these ideas useful starting points for the tiled walls in your new room and you are happy with the final look of your finished room. For more tile inspiration, you can visit our blog section or visit our online shop, which has ceramic wall tiles in dozens of floral designs, all hand-decorated in the UK.

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