Welcome. At Floral Tiles, we create beautiful ceramic wall tiles with a range of floral designs. Our tile designs are all inspired by roses and other flowers, fruit and plants. Many are based on antique floral art, making them the perfect addition to a vintage or “shabby chic” home décor project.

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Hand-Decorated Wall Tiles

Hydrangea tile - Floral ceramic wall tile, vintage style shabby chic pink hydrangea flowers on a white square background

At Floral Tiles, we individually hand-decorate all of our tiles in beautiful Yorkshire, here in the UK. The tiles are ceramic and suitable for use on walls in any room inside the home, including kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, shower rooms, wet rooms, en suites, utility rooms, garden rooms, porches and conservatories.

Our square tiles are available in a choice of two sizes, 100mm x 100mm (10cm x 10cm) or 150mm x 150mm (15cm x 15cm). These are standard tile sizes found in most tile shops around the country.

The difference between our tiles and a standard plain tile available in most places is – a beautiful, permanent, floral design.

The benefit of standard tile sizes is that if your interior design project has some of our decorative tiles scattered among plain tiles, it will be easy to find matching plain tiles you need to complete your wall.

Flowers and Vintage-Style Tile Designs

Vintage rose wall tile, pink, red, yellow, cream roses and buds on a white square backgroundPerhaps you have found us because you are looking for inspiration for an interior design project in your home. If you are a keen gardener or nature lover, what better than to decorate your walls with beautiful images of flowers or fruit?

For those passionate about vintage or retro style, or shabby chic decor, floral tiles are the perfect classic, timeless, traditional yet contemporary addition to any tiled wall.

Many of our designs are based on antique illustrations of flowers, giving them an authentic vintage look.

The wonderful thing about flowers is that they are unlikely to ever go out of fashion – after all, they have been used in art, fashion and decoration since the time of the ancient Egytians, Greeks and Romans.

Floral designs are as popular today as ever, loved by those old and young and from cultures everywhere. By using timeless, classic designs on your tiled wall, your home will look fresh, stylish and beautiful for many years to come.

Flowers are designed to be beautiful in order to attract the attention of pollinators and, we have a wide range of floral designs and colours, so you are sure to find the perfect additions to your home décor.

Other Botanical Tile Designs – Alternatives to Flowers

Elderberries on a white background ceramic wall tile, made by Floral Tiles LtdIf flowers are too pretty for your tastes, we have a selection of fruit, berries and herb designs to bring some nature into your kitchen or conservatory.

The selection includes traditional garden fruit such as apples, pears and plums, hedgerow berries including elderberries, sloes and blackberries, as well as a selection of popular kitchen garden herbs – Sage, Thyme, Parsley, Mint, Chives, Bay and Basil.

For more alternatives to flowers and tiles in more muted colours, we also have a selection of tiles with designs inspired by trees, woodland and hedgerows, such as Oak, Sycamore, Beech, Hazel, Horse Chestnut, Mushroom, pine cones and ferns.

These designs celebrate the timeless natural beauty of British gardens, forests and woodlands.

Bringing Nature Inside, All Year Round

Ceramic wall tile, purple iris flower on a white square background, Product Code B7, Made by Floral Tiles LtdDon’t have a garden? Love flowers but don’t have the time, space (or inclination!) to grow your own? Create a beautiful, no-maintenance, floral display inside your home to add colour and beauty year-round – even when it is cold and dark outside, your walls will bring spring and summer into your home every day – with no weeding or pruning required!

Maybe you are looking for some extra-special ceramic wall tiles for a rural holiday home, a country cottage, guest bedroom or bed and breakfast accommodation, to really immerse yourself or your guests in natural beauty throughout their stay. Floral tiles are perfect for rural retreats – bringing the natural world inside, complementing and celebrating the surroundings outside.

Or perhaps you are a city-dweller who misses the countryside and would like to add a splash of nature to a town house or flat?

Our tile range features images which are inspired by antique illustrations as well as vintage and retro styles and more contemporary patterns. So whatever the age of your property, you are likely to find something perfect for your home decoration project.

The Advantages of Tiles

Blue Roses pattern on a white background square ceramic wall tile, made by Floral Tiles Ltd

But why choose tiles instead of just painting the wall, or using modern plastic panels? Tiles have been used by humans for thousands of years – for good reason. They are durable, long-lasting and attractive.

There’s just something about a tiled wall. It adds both quality and functionality to a room that other materials just can’t match. It goes without saying that time and skill have been invested in a tiled wall.

In addition, tiles can be wiped clean regularly unlike most paints and, can withstand the humid conditions in a bathroom or kitchen. Ceramic tiles are also more environmentally-friendly than some wall covering options; made from more sustainable materials and a tiled wall can last for many years, so the replacement rate is low. Now, on top of all these benefits of using ceramic wall tiles, the beautiful designs available at Floral Tiles mean more choice and individual style for your home.

100+ Floral Tiles to Choose From

Our tiles can be used to create a variety of styles. Some people like to choose just one tile design Decorative Ceramic Wall Tiles by FloralTiles.co.ukand repeat this at regular intervals across their wall. Others prefer to choose a selection of images to scatter among plain tiles – the combinations and possibilities are almost endless!

We have dozens of floral tile designs to choose from. Our rose selection includes pale pink, dark pink, yellow, white and red roses. There are many other flowers too, such as hydrangea, lilies, irises, poppies, fuschia, daisies and daffodils. With beautiful blooms of many different colours, you are sure to find the perfect tiles for your colour scheme. For those who prefer lots of greenery, our fruit and foliage tiles are a selection of vintage style images of traditional fruit found in summer and autumn gardens. There are apples, pears, plums and cherries, to name a few.

The background colour of our single flower tiles is white, which really brings out the bright and vivid colours of the petals and leaves. If you choose to scatter some floral tiles among other plain tiles, there are a wide range of plain ceramic wall tile colours to choose from at tile shops nationwide and online. We produce tiles of standard sizes, such that you will be able to find compatible ceramic wall tiles to complete your room. Or, if you prefer, you can buy matching coloured tiles from us in no minimum quantity – so you can buy only what you need, you don’t have to buy by the full square metre and have lots of left over tiles going to waste.

Creating Your Own Unique Tiled Wall Designs

Pink and Yellow Flower Sprays on a Duck-Egg Blue Background, square ceramic wall tile. Made by Floral Tiles Ltd

Our seamless patterned tiles can either be used for scattering among plain tiles or, can be placed next to one another to create a larger, near-continuous pattern (obviously broken up slightly by the grout between the tiles). Using our floral tiles in this way can create a bold design and works really well when creating either a vintage or contemporary look in the home. The continuous floral tile patterns look excellent when used for sink splashbacks in the kitchen, bathroom or en-suite. For those who love the eclectic retro style, why not mix and match designs, colours and styles to create a patchwork pattern feature wall – a really bold design statement?

For tile pattern ideas and inspiration, from subtle(ish!) to completely eclectic, you can find our tiles ideas blog section here.

Our floral wall tiles can be used in many, many different designs, so the more creative and daring you are with your designs, the more likely your wall is to be unique; no-one else will have one quite like it! So instead of a boring plain tiled wall, why not add some individual style, colour and lasting beauty, which will give you added pleasure and enjoyment every day, each time you see it, for a long time to come.

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