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Green Tiles Inspiration – 29 Ideas for Green Wall Tiles


Green is generally a calming colour, associated with plants and nature. It is a popular colour choice in kitchens and bathrooms, so in this blog we will look at some green tiles ideas for interior design projects.

Green in Home Decor

Greens can give a feeling of balance and security, as well as a gently uplifting feeling of energy and connection with nature and the Earth. Of course, there are many shades of green and paler greens can seem cooler and bring light to a small or dark room. Darker greens can in fact make a room feel warmer and cosier and these shades work particularly well in a period home or in a vintage home decor style.

Green Tiles Ideas

Some of the green tiles we’ll look at have flower designs, while other have fruit or herb designs. Fruit tiles and herb tiles look great in a kitchen, especially for those who enjoy gardening, home-grown produce and home cooking.

Green Tiles with Single Flowers

Green Tiles - Vintage White and green Rose Wall Tile
This rose design is based on an antique botanical illustration and works well in a period home or with vintage decor.


Green Tiles - Green and White Lily Flower Wall Tile
Also based on an antique illustration, this lovely Lily flower has lots of detail and vivid green leaves.


Green Tiles - Lily of the Valley Green and White Ceramic Wall Tile
A Lily of the Valley flower with lush green leaves, another design based on an antique illustration.


Green Tiles - Green Water Lily Pad Ceramic Wall Tile
Another “Lily” flower, this time a Water Lily on a Lily pad.


Green Tiles - Green Rosebuds Ceramic Wall Tile
Originally hand-painted in watercolours, these rose buds have lots of detail and soft green colours.

Green Tiles with Fruit

Green Tiles - Green Apple Ceramic Wall Tile
A green apple on a branch – a common sight in gardens and orchards during late summer and autumn.


Green Tiles - Pear Fruit Ceramic Wall Tile
Another familiar sight in autumn – green pears on a branch, based on an antique illustration, giving the design a vintage feel.


Green Tiles - Gooseberry Fruit Ceramic Wall Tile
A tile with wonderfully detailed Gooseberries on a branch. Gooseberries are a traditional garden fruit as well as being found in hedgerows.


Green Tiles - Vintage Lemon Fruit Ceramic Wall Tile
Green lemon fruit on a branch. Not a traditional British fruit per se, but grown in conservatories and orangeries and eaten here for hundreds of years.

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Green Tiles with Herbs

Green Tiles - Basil Herb Ceramic Wall Tile
A popular herb in home cooking, especially accompanied by tomatoes, Basil is a healthy and tasty herb, painted here in bright watercolours.


Sage Herb Ceramic Wall Tile
Used by humans in food and medicine for thousands of years, many health benefits are attributed to sage.


Green Tiles - Bay Leaf Ceramic Wall Tile
Bay leaf design with deep green leaves. Bay is also considered a nutritious herb with health benefits and is often used to add flavour and aroma to food.


Green Tiles - Mint Herb Ceramic Wall Tile
This Mint herb tile has paler leaves and was originally painted in watercolours. Mint is a very popular herb, not least as an addition to a nice glass of Pimms on a summer’s day!

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Green Tiles with Trees and Woodland Designs

Green Tiles - Horse Chestnut Tree Leaves with Conkers Ceramic Wall Tile
For homes in woodland or forest areas, these tiles could be a fitting way to use green tiles. This is based on an antique illustration of a Horse Chestnut tree leaf, with Conkers.


Green Tiles - Green Fern Leaf Ceramic Wall Tile
A green fern leaf tile adds a touch of green to a tiled wall.


Green Tiles - Green Oak Tree Leaves with Acorns
Green Oak tree leaves with acorns, a design based on an antique illustration.


Green Tiles - Sycamore Tree Leaf with 'Helicopter' seeds
Another antique illustration – this is a Sycamore tree leaf with ‘Helicopter’ seeds.

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Patterned Green Tiles

Green Tiles - Green, Blue and Pink Hydrangea Patterned Wall Tile
A pale green tile with delicately painted watercolour Hydrangea flowers pattern.


Green Tiles - Ditsy Floral Green Patterned Wall Tile
The colourful pink and yellow flowers on this ditsy green patterned tile were also originally painted by hand. This pattern is seamless, so several placed together creates a larger pattern.


Green Tiles - Pale Green and Pink Roses Patterned Tile
A gorgeous pale green tile with vintage-style pink roses pattern


Green Tiles - Green, Red and Purple Roses Patterned Wall Tile
Colourful and detailed flowers on a pale green background. This pattern is seamless, so placing them together creates a larger pattern.

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Green Tiles – Scattered Pattern

Green Tiles - Herbs Scattered Tile Pattern Example
One way to add a splash of green to break up an otherwise plain wall is to place a few green tiles here and there – such as the herb tiles in this example

Green Tiles – Check Patterns

Green Tiles - Pale green roses checker pattern
An example of how a check pattern looks using the pale green and pink roses patterned tile. The white tiles break up the pattern and make the wall seem less busy, while the patterned tiles add colour and detail.


Green Tiles - Fruit Tiles Check Pattern Example
An alternative way of creating a check pattern – use plain coloured tiles and alternate with single design tiles such as the fruit tiles here.

Plain Green Tiles

The plain tiles shown here can be used together with our decorative tiles to create scatter, check and patchwork patterns.

Green Tiles - Pale Green Plain Coloured Wall Tile
Pale Green Tile


Green Tiles - Light Green Tile
Light Green Tile


Green Tiles - Dark Green Wall Tile
Dark Green Wall Tile

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Green Tiles – Patchwork Patterns

Green Tiles - Eclectic green patchwork tiles pattern example
For fans of eclectic and maximalist design, patchwork patterns can be a striking design statement for a feature wall in a kitchen or bathroom


Green Tiles - Green Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
Another example of a patchwork tile pattern using green tiles. The combinations and possibilities for patchwork patterns are endless.

More Patchwork Tiles Ideas

Going Green?

I hope you are feeling balanced and uplifted now – and also have some green tiles inspiration to consider for your room redecoration. For more tiles ideas and inspiration take a look at our other blogs. You can find all of the tiles featured in this blog in our online shop here. Best of luck!

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