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Patchwork Tiles – Ideas & Inspiration to Create Beautiful Feature Walls


For those of us who love colour and detail and, are uninspired by plain, geometric walls, a patchwork tiles pattern can be a great way to add colour and interest to a tiled wall. In this blog we will look at some patchwork tiles patterns and ideas, to inspire you to create your own unique interior design masterpiece!

Patchwork in Home Decor

There is evidence that patchwork was used in ancient Egypt and as long as 5,000 years ago in China. Patchwork quilts began to be used in homes from the 11th century onwards. In more modern times, patchwork creations have been a way to recycle old textile into warm quilts. Nowadays, patchwork is popular as a design style in home decor and accessories, from traditional style quilts and cushion covers to wall-hangings and even sofas.

Patchwork Tiles - Colourful Patchwork Sofa

So patchwork has been popular for centuries, has shown longevity as a design style and is here to stay.

Because of their traditional nature, patchwork patterns look great as part of vintage decor, in a period home or in a country cottage. In fact, they can add a touch of interest, colour and nostalgia to any type of home. Patchwork patterns can add warmth to a room and make a space feel cosy and inviting.

Patchwork Tiles - Fabric Patchwork Blanket

Patchwork Tiles

For fans of vintage style, or those who love lots of detail, interest and colour, patchwork tiles are an excellent choice.

Conveniently, tiles are often made in similar geometric shapes to patchwork pieces and placed together in a similar fashion to create a larger pattern. This makes a tiled wall an ideal place to create a real design statement.

Patchwork quilts are traditionally hand-made, taking time and care. They are sometimes handed down through families to younger relatives. They are made to last and can last a lifetime – another parallel with tiles.

Flowers are ideal to use as designs on patchwork tiles because they are naturally colourful, full of detail and timeless. There are so many types and colours of flowers that there are a huge number of potential floral tile designs which can be placed together to create a beautiful patchwork tile pattern.

Patchwork Tiles - Floral Wall Tiles Patchwork Pattern

If you are looking for a way to create a stunning feature wall, patchwork tiles are a great way to do this. You can be really creative with the pattern and, with the huge number of possible combinations, it will almost certainly be one of a kind.

We have just a few potential patchwork tiles ideas here, to illustrate what could be achievable. Some are based on a particular flower and some around a certain colour or pattern style. If you’re not sure where to start with creating your perfect pattern, my advice is to choose your favourite individual patterned tiles and make a patchwork pattern with them (I have a go at that later on – so you can decide for yourself whether you think it’s a good idea!).

However you go about it, I’m sure you will adore* your creation

*please note you may experience reduced productivity due to time spent admiring your wall!

Patchwork tiles based on a type of flower



Patchwork tiles - Pale Pink Roses Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
This patchwork pattern example is made up of pink roses tiles – mixing up single flower tiles and patterned tiles. This is a real cottage-style shabby chic type of patchwork pattern.


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Patchwork Tiles - Green Roses Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
If the pink patchwork pattern is a bit too overly feminine and, well, pink – then this pattern is also made from roses tiles, but in greens – ideal for a kitchen or bathroom.


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Patchwork Tiles - Classic Blue Roses Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
Another colour popular in kitchens and bathrooms – blues. These are all rose patterned tiles plus some plain coloured tiles added to the pattern. A patchwork pattern like this could work well in either a period or modern home.


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Patchwork Tiles - Hydrangea Tiles - Eclectic Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
This patchwork pattern example is made up of pink Hydrangea tiles and includes patterned, plain and single flower tiles. Another example which would work well with vintage or shabby chic decor.


Patchwork Tiles - Green, Blue and Pink Hydrangeas Eclectic Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
If you prefer more of a mixture of colours, adding some green and blue Hydrangea tiles creates a lovely eclectic Hydrangea patchwork tile pattern.

Patchwork tiles patterns based on a colour theme

Patchwork tiles - pink floral patchwork tiles pattern example
More pink – this time a mixture of several different flowers, including roses, pansies, hydrangeas and peonies. A real eclectic mixture of patterns and styles for patchwork pattern fans to choose from.

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Patchwork tiles - Green floral tiles patchwork tiles pattern example
With green, there are a huge number of combinations. A patchwork pattern could be based around fruit, herbs, woodland tiles or flower tiles. Like a true patchwork creation, this example has a bit of everything!

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Patchwork Tiles - Yellow floral patchwork tiles pattern example
Bright and cheerful, a yellow patchwork pattern would add sunshine to a room all year-round. This example includes roses, Irises and Lilies, as well as some plain yellow tiles.


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Patchwork Tiles - Pale Blue Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
We have seen a darker blue patchwork tiles pattern example, but for those who prefer a lighter, softer blue there are lots of choices too. This pattern includes Bluebells, Daisies and Forget-Me-Nots.


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Patchwork Tiles - Purple floral patchwork tiles pattern example
Purple is a more unusual interior design colour choice, but there are some lovely patchwork tiles patterns which can be created using shades of purple. Here we have Hyacinth, Lavender and Iris as well as patterned and plain tiles.


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Patchwork Tiles Patterns by Style

Patchwork Tiles - Bold floral colours patchwork tiles pattern example
This patchwork pattern is made up of our boldest and brightest tiles. A design like this would certainly create an eye-catching design statement.


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Patchwork Tiles - Pastel colours floral patchwork tiles pattern example
For those who prefer more soft and subtle colours, this patchwork tiles pattern in pastel colours adds interest and detail, without being too overpowering.


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patchwork tiles - My favourite floral tiles patchwork tiles pattern example
I said earlier that if you’re unsure where to start with designing your patchwork pattern, a good place to begin is to choose, say, 10 of your favourite individual tiles. Then just sketch them together and see whether you like it! This is my attempt at doing just that – I’m quite pleased with it!


The great thing about flowers and enjoying eclectic style is that almost anything goes – it’s almost impossible for things to clash if you enjoy lots of colour and detail. If you’d like more tile-based inspiration, you can find more tiles ideas blogs here. All of the tiles in this blog can be found in our online shop here.

I hope this will help you design a beautiful patchwork tiled wall that you will admire and enjoy for many years to come. We’d love to see your creations, please send us a photo to info@floraltiles.co.uk.

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