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Maximalist Tile Ideas – Tile Pattern Inspiration for Fans of Maximalism

If you love bold colours, lots of detail and mixing up patterns, textures and styles in your home decor, you may be a maximalist! Here we look at the differences between minimalism and maximalism (note: you may spot that I have a slight bias towards one of these styles in particular!) and suggest some maximalist tile ideas for your room decoration.

Minimalism vs Maximalism

What is Minimalist Design?

Minimalism has it’s origins in Japan and began to become popular in the West from the 1960’s – to the point where it was everywhere in the 1990’s. The idea of minimalism is to strip away as much as possible, leaving the barest essentials; “Less is More”. Minimalist home decor includes basic shapes, neutral colours and little clutter or detail – it almost looks like the absence of design, but in reality can be highly styled and planned.

Maximalist Tile Ideas - Example of Minimalist Design - plain white table and chairs

The drawbacks of minimalism are that rooms can seem cold, unwelcoming and devoid of interest or personality. Stark, sterile, neutral surfaces and colours can be uninviting and the whole effect can be difficult to maintain, as clutter and daily life take over.

What is Maximalist Design?

Maximalism works on the basis of “More is More”. It involves mixing colours, patterns and textures to create a busy and unique room with lots of points of interest. Maximalist rooms can be cosy, feel warmer and can be visually stimulating. Maximalist design can include elements of vintage, rustic, retro, shabby chic and kitsch (or all of these!) and more. When combining different patterns, styles and textures, the possibilities are endless and maximalist rooms and homes can be creative, bold and almost certainly unique.

Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Kitchen with a Mixture of Styles and Textures

The downsides are that if things become too cluttered and full of clashing styles, the effect can be a bit overwhelming and not relaxing or restful spaces. Also dusting becomes a challenge!

How to get the Maximalist Look in Your Home

You can have an overall colour, theme or style in mind, but a bit of mismatching and “clutter” adds to the charm of maximalist design. There’s no need to keep your belongings and souvenirs hidden away. If you have an interesting item you brought back from your distant travels, put it out on display. If your Grandmother left you her favourite ornament, there’s sure to be the perfect place for it. Photo canvases can be displayed right next to original pieces of art or a pretty print you found in your local charity shop.

Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Cosy and Inviting Living Room

Maximalist rooms can evolve over time as you add bits and pieces you find or collect. If you change your mind about an aspect of the decor, it is fairly simple to swap it for something else without having to change the whole room. Maximalist design suggests a long-term home and makes a room feel homely, lived-in and loved.

The main thing to remember when going for the maximalist look in your home: “More is More”.

Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Bathroom in Natural Colours

Maximalist Tile Ideas

Tiled walls are a great addition to maximalist room decor – they add another texture and a geometric pattern into the mix. However, a large area of plain tiles might not contribute much to the maximalist theme, so it’s worth considering more decorative tiles to add interest to this part of your room.

Among these maximalist tile ideas, we have several different colour themes, plus some eclectic patchwork patterns. Some of the tiles are based on antique illustrations, some started out as watercolour paintings. There are pastel shades, rustic greens and browns, warm pinks and yellows.

The number of possible tile patterns is pretty much infinite. We have included just a few maximalist tile ideas here to inspire you to design your own perfect walls.

Usually we start with the more ‘subtle’ tile patterns ideas and then build up to more eclectic designs, but since you’re still reading I’m guessing you’d prefer to skip the subtle and go straight for the downright maximalist tile ideas!

Maximalist Tile Patterns by Colour

If you already have an overall colour scheme in mind, you can still “maximalise” your tiled walls by choosing a variety of tile designs along that theme. Here are a few examples:

Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern Example in Greens
Even though this pattern is full of interest and a mixture of styles, the overall green colour adds a natural and restful feel


Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern Example in Pale Blues
This patchwork tile pattern is a mixture of pale blues and includes roses, pansies, daisies, bluebells, forget-me-nots and harebells

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Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern Example in Purples
Purple is less commonly used as a home decor colour; this pattern gives you an idea of how a patchwork tile pattern in purples might look


Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern Example in Yellows
These bold yellows would add a bright and cheerful splash of colour to a tiled wall, giving a room a burst of sunshine all year round


Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern Example in Pinks
No Floral Tiles blog would be complete without some pink tiles!

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Maximalist Patchwork Tile Patterns by Style

Of course, there is no need to have an overall colour scheme in maximalist design, so here are a few multi-coloured patchwork tile patterns:

Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern in Bold Floral Prints
This patchwork pattern is made up of some of the boldest patterns and deepest colours in the Floral Tiles range


Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern in Colourful Floral Patterns
This example is still quite bold in colour, but the designs are a little softer


Maximalist Tiles Ideas - Patchwork Tile Pattern in Pastel Floral Patterns
This patchwork pattern is softer again – consisting of a variety of delicate pastel floral patterned tiles

More Patchwork Tiles Ideas

Inspired to try Maximalist Design?

I hope you’ve been persuaded to try out maximalist design in your home – it’s far more fun than bare and neutral! There are many more tile designs available in our online shop and more ideas and inspiration in our tile ideas blog.

If you create a maximalist masterpiece, we would love to see it, please let us know about it at, or on one of our social media pages. Enjoy creating.

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