Patterned Tiles – 17 Ideas for Using Patterned Wall Tiles in Your Home Decor


If you are looking for the perfect wall tiles for your home decor, you may have noticed that there are a huge number of designs and styles when it comes to patterned tiles, from traditional Moroccan and Mexican tiles to Victorian patterns and modern designs. Some patterned tiles can create a larger pattern when used together, some are individual little pieces of art in their own right.

Patterned Tiles - Moroccan patterned tiles
Moroccan patterned tiles which are arranged to form a larger pattern.

Floral prints have long been a popular part of interior design in people’s homes, so pairing wall tiles with floral designs is a wonderful combination. Here, we are going to look at some ideas for using floral patterned tiles in home decor.

The Advantages of Patterned Tiles

There are some rooms in the home where creating a feature wall is a bit more challenging. For example, using patterned wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms isn’t overly practical as the moisture and humidity can damage the wallpaper over time. In rooms such as these, patterned tiles can be an attractive and durable alternative.

Patterned tiles can be mixed and matched to create unique and beautiful patchwork patterns too, making them popular with fans of eclectic or maximal interior design. They allow the addition of colour and interest to an otherwise plain wall.

With the patterned wall tiles available today, it should be possible to find the ideal ones to match your chosen home decor style – whether that is vintage or modern, in a period or contemporary home, a country or town house. If you are still undecided about the style you’d like, I hope you’ll find some inspiration in the following ideas.

Individual Patterned Tiles

Perfect for mixing and matching to create beautiful patchwork pattern feature walls, these tiles have their own individual patterns.

Patterned Tiles - Pale green and pink roses ceramic patterned wall tile
A beautiful patterned tile with vintage inspired pink roses on a pale green background. This tile looks lovely as part of a patchwork pattern, or with plain white tiles in a check pattern.


Patterned Tiles - Vintage inspired pink roses on a white background ceramic patterned wall tile
The same pattern – this time in pinks – a lovely tile for fans of florals, pink and shabby chic decor. For something a bit more contemporary, this pattern is also available in blues.


Patterned Tiles - Blue Daisies on a Pale Blue Background Ceramic Wall Tile
Cheerful blue daisies on a duck egg blue background. This tile is a little more modern and contemporary in style.


Patterned Tiles - Pink and Blue Hydrangea flowers on a pale green background ceramic patterned wall tile
These blue and pink Hydrangea flowers were originally hand-painted in watercolours and are very detailed. This is a pattern which could work well with either modern or vintage home decor.


Patterned Tiles - White Daisies on a Blue Background Ceramic Wall Tile
This blue tile with white Daisies/Chamomile flowers is a really cheerful pattern, which would brighten up even the darkest of rooms.


Patterned Tiles - Pink roses on a pale blue background ceramic wall tile
This tile design has colourful pink Roses – originally painted in watercolours – on a pale blue background. This pattern is also available with a pale pink background and looks lovely as part of a patchwork tile feature wall.


Patterned Tiles - Pink Hydrangeas Ceramic Wall Tile
A pretty tile with pink Hydrangea flowers, again originally hand-painted in watercolours, on a pale pink background.


Patterned Tiles - Daisy Flowers Ceramic Wall Tile
For those looking for a patterned tile but not the bright colours, this could be a good choice. There is just a hint of yellow colour in the background and a pretty Daisy flowers pattern design on this tile.

Patterned Tiles – Seamless Patterns

Here we will look at some tiles which are ‘seamless’ – or create a larger pattern when placed together. The grout lines do break up the pattern of course, but there are a huge range of coloured grouts available nowadays, which can help with the pattern effect.

Patterned Tiles - Pink and white roses floral design ceramic wall tiles
These patterned wall tiles are pink with a white roses design. When placed together, a larger pattern is created.


Patterned Tiles - blue and white roses floral design ceramic wall tiles
The same pattern, this time in pale blue on an off-white background. A classic design which would work well in a modern or period home. This pattern is also available with a dark blue, yellow or grey background.


Patterned Tiles - Vintage style seamless floral pattern ceramic wall tiles
These colourful vintage style floral pattern tiles have Roses and Forget-Me-Nots and can be used to create a larger pattern.


Patterned Tiles - Retro floral pattern ceramic wall tiles
The pattern on these retro mid century style tiles is also seamless.


Patterned Tiles - pale blue floral patterned ceramic wall tiles
The flowers on these tiles were originally painted in watercolours. This is a bright and cheerful tile pattern, great for adding a little year-round sunshine to a room.


Patterned Tiles - Pale green ceramic wall tiles with pink and red floral design
These flowers were originally watercolour paintings too, in delicate pinks and reds, on a pale green background.

Creating Patchwork Patterns with Patterned Wall Tiles

Patterned tiles can also be mixed and matched to create beautiful and unique patchwork patterns. Choose a colour theme, a style theme or simply choose your favourite patterns and see what feature wall masterpieces you can create!

Patterned tiles - mixed colours patchwork wall tiles pattern
A patchwork tile pattern idea created from a mixture of pastel coloured patterned tiles.


Patterned Tiles - patchwork wall tiles pattern idea in pinks
A similar idea, this time using patterned tiles in pinks.


Patterned Tiles - Patchwork tiles idea using ceramic wall tiles with bold colours.
This patchwork pattern uses bolder colours and designs to create a really eye-catching and eclectic look.


I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your home decor. For even more inspiration, you can find lots more suggestions in our tiles ideas blog here. You can find all of our patterned wall tile designs in our online shop here. I hope you enjoy designing your new wall and enjoy it for many years to come!

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