Shabby Chic tiles - kitchen in shabby chic interior design style

Shabby Chic Tiles – 14 Tiles Ideas for Fans of Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby chic is a popular style of home decor, but fans of the interior design style who have previously looked for suitable tiles might have struggled, as I did, to find something quite right. In this blog we have a selection of shabby chic tiles ideas to inspire you to create beautiful walls for your new kitchen or bathroom.

What is Shabby Chic?

Shabby chic is a style of interior design. It started in Britain in the 1980s, when people began to take design inspiration from old country houses. The World of Interiors magazine is credited with coming up with the term ‘shabby chic’ back then. It is a style of decor where furniture and accessories are chosen because they are obviously old and have signs of wear and tear, or are more modern and have been ‘distressed’ to make them appear aged.

Shabby Chic tiles - kitchen in shabby chic interior design style


Shabby Chic Colours and Styles

So in shabby chic decor, furniture and accessories should either be old, or look old and therefore have signs of distress or wear and tear. It is quite an informal, comfortable and inviting style of interior design. Colours should be soft and romantic, with pale blues, pinks and other pastel colours. White and cream are popular too, as are faded and bleached out shades and patterns. Light-coloured, sanded or painted wood is often part of the design. Shabby chic is a feminine and romantic style. Vintage floral patterns are often part of this interior design style – especially roses.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Floral patterns and fabrics

Shabby Chic Tiles Ideas

Given that shabby chic decor tends to be soft and feminine, the rigid lines and repetitive grid patterns usually present in a tiled wall can mean that getting this part of the room right can be a challenge. Here we look at some tiles which might suit a shabby chic room. Many of the tiles here are either based on antique illustrations – giving us the feeling of age we are looking for, or watercolour illustrations – giving us soft colours and delicate, romantic images.

They can be used subtly – simply a few flowers scattered here and there to break up an otherwise plain area, or pastel-coloured patterned tiles can be used together, creating larger patterns or eclectic patchwork designs.

Single Flower Shabby Chic Tiles

Shabby Chic Tiles - Pale Pink Rose Ceramic Wall Tile
This rose is base on an antique illustration, giving the feeling of age which suits shabby chic decor


Shabby Chic Tiles - Pale Pink Watercolour Roses Ceramic Wall Tile
The design on this tile was originally a watercolour painting, creating a soft and feminine effect.


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Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink Hydrangea Ceramic Wall Tile
Another delicate pink watercolour image – this time a Hydrangea flower – a popular alternative, or addition, to roses in shabby chic decor

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Shabby Chic Tiles - White Rose Ceramic Wall Tile
Another design which was originally an antique illustration – whites and shades of cream are also prevalent in shabby chic decor schemes


Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink Peony Ceramic Wall Tile
Peonies are also very popular in shabby chic decor. This pink Peony design is based on an antique illustration too.


Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink Forget-Me-Not Patterned Tile
Patterned tiles with a vintage style in soft, pastel colours and designs also look good in a shabby chic room


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Scattered Shabby Chic Tiles Patterns

Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink watercolour scattered roses tile pattern
A subtle tile pattern, using soft pink roses tiles to break up and soften a larger tiles area

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Shabby Chic Tiles - Hydrangea Single Pink Scatter Tile Pattern Example
A similar idea – this time using Hydrangea flower tiles to create a subtle, feminine pattern


Check Pattern Shabby Chic Tiles

Shabby Chic Tiles - Pale green roses checker pattern
A check pattern can also break up a plain tiled wall. Using pastel colours such as these pale green and pink roses tiles softens the grid pattern, while adding interest.


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Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink White Check Hydrangea Tile Pattern Example
Another check pattern, this time with Hydrangea flowers in pink shades. The plain white tiles make the overall effect lighter.


Shabby Chic Seamless Tile Patterns

Shabby Chic Tiles - Romantic Pink and Red Roses Seamless Tile Pattern
Seamless patterned tiles can be placed adjacent to each other to create a larger pattern. These pink and red roses tiles are very feminine and romantic – much in keeping with shabby chic style


Shabby Chic Tiles - Hydrangea Ceramic Wall Tile Pattern Example
These Hydrangea pattern tiles include delicate watercolour pinks, blues and greens.


Shabby Chic Tiles – Eclectic Patchwork Patterns

Shabby Chic Tiles - Pink Floral Tiles pattern example
This pale pink patchwork tiles pattern includes Roses, Hydrangeas and Peonies – as single flowers and patterned tiles. A pattern like this creates a statement wall, while maintaining the soft floral style shabby chic is known for.


Shabby Chic Tiles - Pastel Patchwork Tiles Pattern
This patchwork tiles pattern is made up of a variety of soft pastel colours – ideal for the bleached and faded colour schemes used in shabby chic decor.

Your Turn!

So now you have a few shabby chic tiles options to consider! If you would like to see all of our tile designs, they can be found in our online shop.

We also have lots of other tiles ideas in our other blogs – our roses tiles ideas or hydrangea tiles ideas may be of interest too.

I hope you enjoy designing your new room and even more importantly – spending many happy years in it!

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