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Rose Tiles Ideas- 16 Ways to add Rose Wall Tiles to your Room Decoration


A beautiful, timeless flower with hundreds of varieties and a wide range of colours, the rose is one of the most popular flowers worldwide. Adding beauty, symbolising love and transcending fashion, we think they look so good in home decor that we have a whole tile range dedicated just to roses. In this blog, we are going to look at rose tiles ideas for a variety of home decor colour schemes ad interior design styles.

What do Roses Symbolise?

Flowers can mean different things to different people, so it’s worth researching what a flower symbolises before putting it permanently on your walls. Fortunately in the case of roses it’s pretty straightforward; roses, almost universally, symbolise love. They are often present at occasions celebrating love and life – births, birthdays, Valentine’s Days, weddings and anniversaries. Furthermore, different colours of roses can symbolise different kinds of love:


Rose Tiles Ideas - Deep Red Rose Wall Tile
Red roses are a symbol of romantic and passionate love – ‘a dozen red roses’ is a popular gift to a partner or Valentine’s Day date


Rose Tiles Ideas - Pink Rose Ceramic Wall Tile
Pink roses celebrate friendship and gratitude, as well as romance


Rose Tiles Ideas - White Rose Ceramic Wall Tile
White roses represent innocence and purity, so are often used in weddings and Christenings


Rose Tiles Ideas - Yellow Rose Ceramic Wall Tile
Yellow roses symbolise friendship, joy and wisdom


Rose Tiles Ideas - Blue Roses Ceramic Wall Tile
White roses can be dyed blue to give them a striking and contemporary look. Since it isn’t possible to grow blue roses naturally, they can symbolise dreams and the impossible or unattainable

Roses in Home Decor

One of the earliest uses for roses in decoration was rose paintings on the ceilings of Roman banqueting halls – to remind them that things said under the rose (or ‘sub rosa’) were to be kept secret. Over time, this ceiling decoration eventually became the ‘ceiling rose’ we know today – a popular feature in both modern and period homes. Roses have been used to adorn almost everything we can think of in the home – curtains, chairs, tablecloths, ornaments, tableware, bed linen and even carpets. While the fashions for colours, styles and materials come and go, the rose remains perennially popular.

Rose Tiles Ideas

Due to their elegance and timelessness, roses make a beautiful addition to both period and modern homes, large or small. These rose tiles ideas include lots of different styles, options (and levels of subtlety!). Some of the rose tiles are based on antique illustrations, lending them an authentic vintage style for a period home or ‘shabby chic‘ room decoration. Some of the rose tiles designs started out as watercolour paintings, giving them delicate colours and lots of detail. With a range of colours available too, you will hopefully find some inspiration for the tiled area in the room you are re-decorating.

Scattered Single Rose Tiles Ideas

Rose Tiles Ideas - Scattered Roses Pattern Example
For a subtle way to add roses to your tiled walls, these soft pink rose designs started out as watercolour paintings


Roses Tiles Ideas - Single Rose Tiles Pattern Example
For real rose lovers, a mix of different rose designs adds warmth and colour to a wall of plain white tiles


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Rose Border Tiles

Rose Tiles Ideas - Red Rose Border Tiles Pattern Example
A simple row of red rose border tiles can break up a large area of plain tiles and add a little colour


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Rose Tiles Ideas – Checker Patterns

Rose Tiles Ideas - Pale Green and Pink Roses Check Wall Tiles Pattern Example
Using a checker pattern can be a good way to include tiles with a strong pattern, without making the wall design too overwhelming


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Rose Tiles Ideas - Blue and White Roses Check Wall Tiles Pattern Example
A check wall tile pattern example in blues – the lighter blue tile making the overall pattern less dark – could work well in either a period or modern bathroom or kitchen


Rose Tiles Ideas – Creating Larger Patterns by Placing Patterned Tiles Together

Rose Tiles Ideas - Ditsy Green Roses Wall Tiles Pattern Example
These tiles create a larger pattern when placed together. A gentle pale green background with splashes of pink and red roses give a cheerful and springlike effect year-round


Rose Tiles Ideas - Blue Rose Tiles Pattern Example
A traditional rose pattern in bold statement blue colours create a classic look

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Rose Tiles Ideas - Romaintic Pink and Red Roses Patterned Wall Tiles
Rose patterned tiles in romantic shades of pink. These tiles can be placed together to create a larger pattern and make a pretty addition to a shabby chic kitchen or bathroom


Rose Tiles Ideas - Yellow Roses Ceramic Wall Tiles Pattern Example
Another seamless roses pattern – this time in white and yellow. Yellow is great for adding light to darker rooms, or a touch of year-round sunshine


rose tiles ideas - pink and white roses patterned ceramic wall tile
In the same pattern as above, this time in pink and white colours – a soft and feminine colour combination


Rose tiles ideas - grey and white roses patterned ceramic wall tiles
For those who like floral patterns and rose shapes but prefer more muted colours, these grey and white patterned tiles might work well in your room.


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Rose Tiles Ideas – Patchwork Patterns

Rose Tiles Ideas - Blue Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
A variety of rose tiles with a classic blue theme – mixing in patterned tiles, plain coloured tiles and single rose tiles to create a bold design statement


Rose Tiles Ideas - Pale Blue Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
For those who prefer softer, pale blues, this patchwork pattern example combines patterned and plain tiles to create a paler blue patchwork effect

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Rose Tiles Ideas - Green Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
Green is a popular colour in kitchens and bathrooms. Here we have another eclectic tile pattern example – this time with a green theme. Single flowers, patterned tiles and plain coloured tiles combine to create a green patchwork design


Rose Tiles Ideas - Red Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
Red single roses, rose patterns and deep red plain tiles combine t create this bold and striking tile pattern


Rose Tiles Ideas - Pale Pink Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
This eclectic pink roses patchwork pattern with pretty single pink roses scattered among several different pink rose patterned tiles would make a striking feature wall in a shabby chic kitchen or bathroom

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Feeling Rosy?

I hope these rose tiles ideas have given you food for thought when planning your new room, whatever your chosen colour scheme. Roses are so timeless and versatile – a perfect match for the longevity and durability of ceramic wall tiles.

To see all of our rose tiles designs, you can visit the Floral Tiles online shop. For more tiles ideas and inspiration, our tiles ideas blog has many more pattern examples. If you’d like to get in touch, please contact us using our form or email us at

Best of luck with the rest of your research and planning, I hope your room turns out to be as beautiful as you hoped!

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