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Pink Tiles Ideas – Interior Design Inspiration using Pink Wall Tiles

Pink is a colour usually associated with love and femininity. Many people who love the colour choose to add touches of pink to a room through fittings and accessories. Wall tiles can be a great way to do this. Here, we look at some pink tiles ideas for home decor.

Pink in Home Decor

As with most colours, there are a huge number of shades of pink. Darker, redder pinks can make a room feel warmer and more snug, while paler pinks add a soft, feminine touch to a space. Pink is a colour often used as part of a shabby chic interior design style, while dusky pinks – slightly greyer or bluer pinks – and pastel pinks and very popular too.

Pale pinks can add light to a room with little natural sunlight and can also help smaller rooms feel larger. Pastel pinks work well with whites and other pastel shades. Many people choose to pair pinks with a darker colour, such as a dark blue or green, or with natural wood tones.

Pink Tiles Ideas

Some of the pink tiles we will look at here have darker colours on them too – often green leaves and foliage – which would match well with a colour scheme combining darker colours with pinks. This also helps to make the designs not overly feminine, as does the fact that many of the designs are based on antique illustrations.

Single Flower Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles - Baby Pink Rose Wall Tile
A pale pink rose, originally an antique illustration.


Pink Tiles - Hot Pink Rose Wall Tile
A vibrant pink rose design – also based on an antique illustration.


Pink Tiles - Dusky Pink Roses Wall Tile
Dusky pink roses, originally a watercolour painting, giving a hand-painted effect.


Pink Tiles - Pink Vintage Style Rose Wall Tile
Another antique illustration, this pink rose has lots of detail.


Pink Tiles - Vintage Pink Rose Wall Tile
This rose has a different shade of pink, less soft and feminine. Again, this is based on an antique botanical illustration.


Pink Tiles - Blue Tit Bird Pink Flower Wall Tile
A way to add a drop of pink to a tiled wall, with this little bird on a branch, originally a watercolour painting.


Pink Tiles - Pink Camelia Flowers Wall Tile
Bright and cheerful pink Camellia flowers, originally hand-painted in watercolours.


Pink tiles - Pink Hydrangea flowers wall tile
Another tile which was originally a watercolour painting, this Hydrangea has delicate colours and lots of detail.


Pink Tiles - Vintage Geranium Flower Wall Tile
A splash of pink paired with distinctive green leaves, this Geranium flower is based on an antique illustration.


Pink Tiles - Pink Peony Flower Wall Tile
A favourite in interior design – from fabrics to accessories – a pale pink peony flower.

Pink Border Tiles

Pink Tiles - Pink Blossom Flowers Border Tile
A single row of border tiles can also be a subtle way to add some pink to break up a plain tiled wall. This border tile has pink blossom flowers on a branch.
Pink Rose and Forget Me Nots Border Tile
Another pink tile, this time with the blue of Forget-Me-Not flowers.


Pink Tiles - Pink Roses Border Tiles Example
Here is how the border tiles might look if used to break up a plain tiled wall.


Patterned Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles - Hydrangea Flower Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
Small pink Hydrangea flowers seamless pattern – tiles can be placed together to create a larger pattern, or this tile works well as part of a patchwork pattern (more on that later)


Pink Tiles - Hydrangea Seamless Ceramic Wall Tile
Pink Hydrangea flowers and wild roses, with blue Forget-Me-Nots and green leaves – originally hand-painted in watercolours.


Pink Tiles - Shabby Chic Red and Pink Roses Patterned Tile
Shades of pink together with green leaves, vintage-style roses patterned tile.


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Ditsy Pink Hydrangea Patterned Wall Tile
Pink Hydrangeas, in a different style this time, adds a vintage country-cottage look to a tiled wall. This tile looks great as part of a check pattern, where the white breaks up the pink. An example of how that might look later on.


Pink Tiles - Pink Roses Patterned Wall Tile
Bright pink roses on a pale pink background. A design which looks great as part of a patchwork tile pattern.


Pink Tiles - Ditsy Roses and Hearts Patterned Tile
Roses and hearts on a pink background – this tile looks great with shabby chic interior design style.


Pink Tiles - Pink and Blue Hydrangea patterned wall tile
This tile has a darker pink background, with originally hand-painted Hydrangea flowers.


Pink Tiles - Pink Daisy Patterned wall tile
Cheerful and colourful daisies on a pink background – originally painted in watercolours. Another tile which looks great as part of a patchwork pattern.



Pink Tiles - Pink Pansy Patterned wall tile
Colourful Pansy flowers – originally hand-painted – on a pink background.


Pink and white roses patterned ceramic wall tile
A vintage style pink and white patterned tile, great with vintage or shabby chic home decor. These pink tiles create a larger pattern if placed together and also look gorgeous as part of a patchwork tile feature wall.

More Patterned Tiles Ideas

Scattered Pattern Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles - Hydrangea Single Pink Scattered Tile Pattern Example
Using a pink tile scattered here and there among plain tiles is a subtle way to add some pink to a tiled wall.


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Pink Tiles - Pink watercolour scattered roses tile pattern
A similar idea, this time using pale pink roses tiles.


Pink Tiles in Check Patterns

Pink Tiles - Pink and White Check Hydrangea Tile Pattern Example
Creating a checker pattern with patterned tiles alternating with plain tiles is a good way to add a touch of pink to break up a plain tiled wall, without it becoming too ‘busy’ or overpowering.


Patchwork Patterns with Pink Tiles

Pink Tiles - Eclectic Patchwork Tile Pattern Example - pink Hydrangeas
Here we have created an eclectic patchwork pattern using pink Hydrangea tiles. There are also a few plain white tiles within the pattern.


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Pink Tiles - Pale Pink Roses Patchwork Tiles Pattern
A similar idea, this time using a mixture of single Rose and rose pattern tiles to create a patchwork pattern.

More Patchwork Tiles Ideas

Pink Tiles - Maximalist Pink Patchwork Tiles Pattern Example
This pattern includes patterned tiles of all kinds of flowers – Hydrangea, Roses, Daisies, Forget-Me-Nots and Pansies – to create an eclectic patchwork tile pattern.

In the Pink

There you go – lots of pink tiles ideas for your interior design project. I hope they are helpful and have given you some ideas. For lots more ideas, you can find other tiles ideas blogs here. The tiles in this blog can be found in our online shop here. Enjoy re-decorating!

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