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Blue Tiles Ideas – Home Decor Inspiration With Blue Wall Tiles


Blues are usually seen as calm and soothing colours. In nature, blue is associated with the sky and water and as such, it is a popular colour for kitchens and in particular, bathrooms. In these areas of the house, blue tiles give a clean and fresh look, while being practical and durable decor to use for splashbacks and walls (since these are particularly humid and regularly-cleaned areas of the home).

Blue tiles on a bathroom wall
Tiles are ideal for bathroom walls as they cope well with moisture, humidity and regular cleaning. Blue tiles are great in a bathroom because they remind us of water and sky, while being calming and soothing in colour.

Blues in Home Decor

Although blue is most often thought of as a cool or cold colour, pale blues tend to feel coolest, whereas darker blues can in fact feel warm. Pale blue decor can help add light to a darker room, or make a smaller room appear larger. Darker blues can help larger rooms feel cosier and more opulent and can also give an older, more traditional feeling to a room.

Blue tiles - traditional dresser with blue and white ceramics
Darker blues can help a room feel older, more cosy and even opulent.

Blue Tiles Ideas

Blue and white is a popular vintage colour combination (think Willow ceramics and Toile de Jouy prints), which suits period homes well. Some of the tiles we’ll look at here have a modern edge – for example, blue roses don’t grow naturally (if you do see a blue rose it is generally a white rose, dyed blue).

Blue is often thought of as a masculine colour. If you’re concerned about blue giving a look which is too masculine for your tastes, a great way to add a feminine touch is to include some tiles with floral designs.

We’ll start off looking at some darker blue tiles ideas.

Dark Blue Tiles

Blue Tiles - Blue roses on a white background ceramic wall tile
These blue roses are based on an antique illustration, giving them both a vintage and an unusual modern look.


Blue Tiles - Blue Hydrangea on a white background, ceramic wall tile
Another antique image, this time a blue hydrangea flower with vivid colours and lots of detail.


Blue Tiles - Violet flower ceramic wall tile
Another antique illustration, this Violet flower tile really has a strong vintage feel and deep blue colours.


Blue Tiles - Harebell flower ceramic wall tile
Dainty and delicate, this Harebell flower tile adds a subtle touch of blue to a wall


Blue Tiles - Hydrangea Single Blue Scatter Example
One way to decorate with these single flower tiles is to have them scattered among plain coloured tiles.

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Patterned Dark Blue Tiles

Blue Tiles - Blue and white roses pattern tile
This tile is patterned all over, with vintage-style blue roses


Blue tiles - blue roses pattern tile check pattern
One way to use these tiles in home decor is to create a check pattern, alternating the patterned tiles with plain-coloured tiles. Check patterns allow a tile pattern to cover a larger area without being too overpowering.


Blue Tiles - dark blue and white roses pattern ceramic wall tile
This time, a dark blue background with white roses pattern all over.


Blue tiles - dark blue roses ceramic wall tiles seamless pattern example
This tile has a seamless pattern – meaning that the tiles can be placed next to one another to create a larger pattern.

More Patterned Tiles

Light Blue Tiles

Blue tiles - blue poppy on a white background ceramic wall tile
This bright blue poppy was a watercolour painting, giving a hand-painted effect – in a bold and cheerful colour.


Blue Tiles - Bluebell flower ceramic wall tile
Bluebells are found in ancient woodland during springtime. This delicate Bluebell tile adds a subtle hint of blue to a tiled wall.

Patterned Light Blue Tiles

Blue tiles - light blue and white roses ceramic wall tile
Similar to the seamless pattern we saw earlier, this version has a white background and the rose details are a pale blue.


Blue Tiles - Light Blue Roses Pattern Example
Here’s how the pattern looks when the tiles are placed together.


Blue Tiles - Blue Daisy Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
These cheerful daisies on a pale blue background might suit a modern kitchen or bathroom


Blue tiles - Blue Forget-Me-Not Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
Delicate blue Forget-Me-Not flowers – originally painted in watercolours – on a pale blue background.


Blue Tiles - Blue Pansy Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
Colourful pansies on a teal-blue background. These flowers were also originally painted in watercolours.


Blue Tiles - White Daisies Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
Traditional white and yellow Daisy flowers on a pale blue background – a tile to add a splash of summer to a wall


Blue Tiles - Duck Egg Blue background with pink and yellow flowers, ceramic wall tile
One of my favourites, this tile has everything. A duck egg blue background with colourful pink and yellow floral pattern. The flowers were originally painted in watercolour and are delicate with lots of detail. A cheerful and summery tile.


Blue Tiles - duck egg blue background with yellow and pink flowers, ceramic wall tile pattern example
Here’s how the pattern looks when these tiles are placed together.

More Patterned Tiles Ideas

Eclectic and Patchwork Blue Tiles Patterns

Blue Tiles - Patchwork Pattern Example
This patchwork pattern uses blue roses tiles, plus some plain coloured tiles, to create a vision in blue!

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Blue Tiles - Patchwork tile pattern made from pale blue ceramic wall tiles
This eclectic patchwork tile pattern is made up of some of the paler blue tiles, together with some plain-coloured tiles. Mixing and matching lots of different tile styles to create a larger patchwork pattern can create a stunning feature wall in a kitchen or bathroom. The colour and style of tiles you select can create either a vintage or contemporary interior design style.

More Patchwork Tiles Ideas

Out of the Blue

Hope this has been useful and given you some ideas for your new tiled walls. There is plenty more tiles inspiration in our other blog pages here and the tiles in this blog are available in our online shop here. Best of luck with your project!

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