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Yellow Tiles Ideas – 11 Ways to use Yellow Tiles in your Home Decor

Yellow is such a bright and cheerful colour. In nature it is associated with sunshine, summer and many species’ of flowers. Yellow can really lift the spirits and it is even claimed that being surrounded by yellow can stimulate intellect. If you are considering using yellow tiles in your home decor, we have lots of suggestions for ways to do this here.

Yellow in Home Decor

An energising and stimulating colour, yellow is a great colour to decorate with in areas used during the morning and daytime – such as the kitchen. Yellow is excellent at adding light and brightness to smaller rooms, or rooms with little natural light. My own kitchen is yellow, which works well as it is North-facing and doesn’t get much sunlight at all during winter. Also it helps to wake me up in the morning!

Yellow Tiles Ideas

Lots of the yellow tiles here are single flowers on a white background, adding a splash of brightness without being too overpowering. We also look at some patterned tiles and finally, some yellow patchwork tile patterns which would make a really bold design statement!

Single Flower Yellow Tiles

Yellow tiles - yellow rose ceramic wall tile
Yellow roses symbolise joy and friendship. This rose is based on an antique botanical illustration and adds a splash of yellow colour to a wall.


Yellow Tiles - Iris flower ceramic wall tile
This Iris was originally painted by hand and has many other colours along with the yellow petals


Yellow Tiles - Vintage Style Yellow Daffodil Flower Wall Tile
Another antique illustration, this time with pretty spring Daffodils – flowers known for brightening up the countryside after winter.


Yellow Tiles - Yellow Lily Flower Wall Tile
A beautiful yellow Lily, originally hand-painted in watercolours and beautifully detailed.
Yellow Tiles - Yellow Rose and Forget-Me-Nots Border Tile
A rectangular border tile with yellow rose and blue Forget-Me-Nots.


Yellow Tiles - Yellow Roses Border Tiles Pattern Example
Here is how the border tiles might look.


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Patterned Yellow Tiles

Yellow Tiles - Yellow Roses Pattern Ceramic Tile
This tile has a white roses pattern on a yellow background


Yellow Tiles - Seamless Yellow Roses Pattern Example
This tile has a seamless pattern, so they can be placed together to create a larger pattern.

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Yellow Tiles - Yellow and Purple Floral Patterned Ceramic Wall Tile
Another seamless patterned tile, this one can also be used to create a larger pattern. The flowers in this design were originally painted in watercolour.


Yellow and Pink Floral Pattern Ceramic Wall Tile
Another seamless pattern, this time with fewer flowers. These flowers were also hand-painted originally and are wonderfully detailed.


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Patchwork Patterns with Yellow Tiles

For those wishing to create a feature wall, here are some examples of what can be done with yellow tiles to create eye-catching eclectic patchwork patterns

Yellow Tiles - Example of a Patchwork Pattern
Rather than choose just one tile design, several can be used together to create an eclectic patchwork tile pattern.


Yellow Tiles - Yellow Roses Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
This patchwork tile pattern uses yellow tile designs with roses and also plain yellow tiles


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Yellow Tiles Patchwork Tile Pattern Example
The possibilities for patchwork tile patterns are endless. This pattern uses plain tiles and several different yellow tile designs.


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It Was All Yellow

By now you should be feeling very cheerful and intellectually stimulated! I hope these suggestions have given you some inspiration for your redecorating. For even more ideas, take a look at our other tiles ideas blogs. If you’d like to visit our online shop, you can find it here.

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