Blue Splashback Tiles Pattern Example

Splashback Tiles Ideas – Upgrade from Plain & Functional to Pretty & Floral


The humble splashback is often taken for granted in our kitchens and bathrooms, despite the fact that it does a very important job. Tiled splashbacks are often quite plain and practical. We think it’s about time these important and frequently used areas become beautiful and interesting design statements in their own right. Read on for lots of splashback tiles ideas to inspire your own kitchen or bathroom.

What is a Splashback?

A splashback is a protected area of wall, usually behind or surrounding a sink or oven hob. Splashback tiles, plastic or glass protect the wall itself from the splashes of water, soap, oil and food which are inevitable next to a sink or hob. Splashbacks are also exposed to heat and condensation on a regular basis, so they must be robust enough to withstand these too.

Why Choose Tiles for your Splashback?

If you are looking for a classic, traditional or vintage style in your kitchen or bathroom, splashback tiles may be a more fitting choice than plastic or glass. Many of Floral Tiles’ designs are based on antique illustrations or watercolour paintings, making them ideal for rustic, ‘shabby chic‘ or vintage style home decor.

What to Look for in Splashback Tiles

If you choose to use tiles for your splashback, make sure that they have been tested for ‘thermal shock’ and ‘metal release’. The thermal shock test checks whether the tiles can withstand high temperatures – such as those directly behind an oven hob, for example. The metal release test measures the amount of certain metals ‘released’ by the tiles – important anywhere in the home and especially important in areas which are wiped and cleaned regularly. Floral Tiles have undergone these tests and most tiles for sale in tile shops and by reputable online sellers should have been too, as it is a legal requirement for selling them in the UK.

Tiles with a flattish surface (ie without raised or etched designs) will be easier to wipe and keep clean and hygienic in a kitchen or bathroom area.

Using Tile Stickers or ‘Tile Tattoos’ on Splashback Tiles

Another way to add floral or vintage style design to your splashback tiles is by using tile stickers or ’tile tattoos’. These are non-permanent stickers, which can be placed on tiles to decorate them. Because of the heat, steam and splashes which occur in splashback areas, they might be less suitable as they can start to peel off and be difficult to clean properly. The images on Floral Tiles, on the other hand, are permanent and can be cleaned just like a plain tile. So, if you choose these tile stickers, we suggest that you use them on less humid and messy parts of your wall and avoid using them on your splashback tiles.

Splashback Tiles Design Ideas

On to the fun part. Since we use them so regularly, we think that splashbacks out to be celebrated more – to be part of your home decor you can enjoy and admire, as well as being very practical, durable and hard-working. So we’ve come up with some splashback tiles pattern design ideas to help inspire your new kitchen or bathroom splashback.

Splashback Tiles - Light Blue Roses Pattern Example
Subtle pale blue roses patterned tiles add a delicate floral pattern to a splashback


Splashback Tiles - Dark Blue Roses Pattern Example
The same roses pattern in dark blue – a classic colour scheme for a period or modern bathroom. This paterned tile is also available in grey, yellow or pink.


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Splashback Tiles - Pale Green and Pink Roses Pattern Example
For a delicate splash of colour, these tiles have pink rose sprays on a pale green background, complementing traditional or ‘shabby chic’ home decor style


Splashback Tiles - Pink and Yellow Flowers on a Pale Blue Background
A delicately colourful tile pattern, with the flowers originally watercolour paintings, a great way to brighten up smaller or darker areas, or bring a little sunshine into any room year-round


Splashback Tiles - Vintage Hydrangeas and Roses Tile Pattern Example
A more eye-catching pattern, these rose and hydrangea patterned wall tiles make a bolder design statement


Splashback Tiles - Retro Floral Tile Pattern Example
These retro-style floral tiles are really colourful and striking and would draw lots of attention to the splashback!


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Patchwork Patterns Splashback Tiles Ideas

For inspiration for those who want to be more daring and creative with their design, we have put together some eclectic patchwork tile pattern ideas to match various different colour schemes. With so many possible combinations of patchwork-style tile patterns, choosing this style of design would mean your splashback would almost certainly be unique!


Splashback Tiles - Floral Tiles Pattern Design Idea in Blues
A patchwork splashback tiles design idea in blues – a mix of roses, rose patterns and plain tiles to create a splashback that could work in a traditional or contemporary kitchen or bathroom.

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Splashback Tiles - Floral Tiles Pattern Design Idea in Blues
The same idea, this time in pinks, with roses, hydrangeas and peonies, patterned tiles interspersed with single-flower tiles.


Splashback Tiles - Floral Tiles Pattern Design Idea in Greens
Green is a popular colour in kitchens and bathrooms. This patchwork pattern example includes lilies, rosebuds and an eclectic collection of green patterned tiles.


Splashback Tiles - Floral Tiles Pattern Design Idea in Yellows
Yellows bring a little summer sunshine into a room all year round. daffodils, irises, lilies and roses among cheerful yellow patterned tiles add light and warmth to a room.


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Excited About Splashbacks?

We hope you are now as enthusiastic about making splashback tiles beautiful as we are. Good luck with your new kitchen or bathroom. If we’ve inspired you, please send us your pics on social media or to – we love seeing finished designs! There are more tiles ideas and information in our blog section here and all the tile designs from this article can be found in our online shop.

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