Summer rose bouquets on a duck-egg blue background, floral pattern ceramic wall tile

Printed Tiles – The Hot New Interior Design Trend for Stunning Walls

Printed tiles are (often) ceramic wall tiles which have had an image or design printed onto them. Designs can be chosen from a seller’s range, or bespoke tile printing companies will print a photo or image you supply onto a single tile or a tile mural made up of a larger number of tiles.

How are Printed Tiles Made?

A digital image is printed, using special ceramic inks, onto transfer paper. Then (in the case of Floral Tiles), the transfer is applied by hand to a plain tile. The tile and digital transfer are then fired in a kiln to make the image permanent.

Why Choose Printed Tiles?

These decorative tiles are perfect if you wish to add something a little different to your tiled walls. Rather than being restricted to the usual plain colours or geometric patterns, almost any high-quality image can be printed onto a tile. So there is a huge choice and variety of possible styles and you can be really creative with tile murals or patchwork patterns.

Pale pink roses wall tiles patchwork pattern example
Printed tiles give huge scope for creativity and designing a wall like nobody else’s

The Advantages of Printed Tiles

If you wish to create a feature wall in a kitchen or bathroom, using printed wallpaper may not be suitable; it may start to peel due to the moisture and humidity in the room. Decorative tiles allow you to create that statement wall or splashback, while using durable and practical materials which can stand up to kitchen and bathroom conditions for the long-term.

Printed tiles also generally have a flat surface (ie not raised or etched), allowing for easier cleaning and therefore better hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms.

Once fired onto the tile, the image should be permanent and UV stable (meaning that they shouldn’t fade in the sun).

What is the Difference Between Printed Tiles and Tile Stickers?

Tile stickers or ’tile tattoos’ can be applied to the tile yourself and are inexpensive to change if you want to redecorate your room on a tight budget. However, they can begin to peel off over time in the humidity of a kitchen or bathroom and, don’t stand up to being cleaned as well as a permanent image does. Obviously I’m a little biased here, but I do think that real printed tiles look more attractive and higher quality than tile stickers.

Pale Blue Forget Me Nots Ceramic Wall Tile

Decorative Tiles in Interior Design

Thanks to the aforementioned printing technology, almost any high-quality image can be printed onto a wall tile nowadays. So printed tiles are suitable for almost any interior design style or theme you can think of – from rustic and traditional to modern and contemporary, vintage or shabby chic.

Using Printed Tiles in Maximalist Decor

If you are a fan of Maximalism, decorative tiles are the ideal way to turn a wall from plain, functional and geometric to a colourful and vibrant feature wall. The possibilities are almost endless and, mixing and matching patterns and styles can create some unique and eye-catching effects.

Printed Tiles - Eclectic Patchwork pattern example
Attention-grabbing patchwork tile pattern

Vintage Style

For lovers of vintage design, tiles are a must in kitchens and bathrooms and choosing tiles with vintage-style images can really add to the effect. Many of Floral Tiles’ designs are based on antique illustrations of flowers, lending them an authentic vintage feel – with all of the advantages of modern materials.

Printed Tiles - Vintage Style Geranium Ceramic Wall Tile
Some of Floral Tiles’ designs are based on antique flower illustrations

Get the Hand-Painted Look

Hand-painted tiles are beautiful, but can be pretty expensive due to the amount of time a skilled artist has had to spend creating them. Hand-painted designs can be made into digital images and printed onto tiles, giving them a hand-painted look, without the price tag.

If you are a talented artist, or you would like to preserve and feature a child’s drawing on your walls permanently, there are several companies who will do this for you. We don’t currently offer this service, but you could try The Surface Design Studio.

For those who are more challenged in the artistic department – the Floral Tiles range includes many designs which started out as paintings and other media, for the hand-painted effect.

Printed Tiles - Pale Pink Roses Watercolour Image Ceramic Wall Tile
This delicate pale pink roses design started out as a watercolour painting and has the hand-painted effect

Inspired to use Printed Tiles in your Home Decor?

Have you been inspired to brighten and beautify your walls using printed tiles? If you also love flowers and floral design, you may find your perfect tiles among the 100+ designs in our range. For more tiles ideas and inspiration, our blog is here. If you have a beautiful wall of printed tiles already, we’d love to see it, please send us a photo to or share it with us on social media. All the best.

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