Kitchen Tiles Ideas – 21 Fruit, Berries, Herbs and Flower Tiles Ideas

The kitchen is one of the most important and regularly-used rooms in the home. In total, we spend lots of time in our kitchens – preparing and eating food, or just socialising with a cup of tea. To many of us, the right decor in our kitchen is important and tiles are often part of the decor in a kitchen. So here we are going to look at some kitchen tiles ideas, to inspire you to create a room you’ll love to spend time in.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: The Advantages of Tiles in a Kitchen

Due to all of the food preparation, cooking, eating and family time which happens in most kitchens, they can be humid at times and require regular cleaning. In some areas, a wide range of temperatures and all kinds of food and cooking splashes can be inflicted on the walls.

So it makes sense to decorate these areas of kitchen walls with tiles, which are durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, cleanable and able to withstand a range of temperatures.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

At Floral Tiles, we like our tiles to be colourful, detailed and decorative – adding interest and beauty to an otherwise plain area of wall. Our tiles are fully cleanable and water-resistant. In independent EU safety tests they were shown to be capable of dealing with high temperatures and safe in terms of the release of metals such as Lead.

The images on the tiles are permanent and UV resistant – they won’t fade in the sun. An advantage they have over tile stickers is that they won’t peel off when exposed to humidity or are cleaned.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas and Inspiration

So, on to some kitchen tiles ideas and inspiration! We will look at some traditional garden fruit designs, berries and herbs, as well as some flowers. Whether you are a keen gardener, a whizz at growing and making your own home produce, a fan of healthy eating and home cooking, or just want kitchen wall tiles which are a bit more decorative, we have some kitchen tiles ideas for you.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Fruit Tiles

Kitchen tiles ideas - green apple fruit ceramic wall tile
This green apple design is based on an antique illustration, giving it a traditional look.


Kitchen tiles ideas - green plums on a branch ceramic wall tile
With a similar traditional design, these green pears could work well scattered here and there among plain tiles.


Kitchen tiles ideas - deep red cherry fruit ceramic wall tile
These deep red ripe cherries add a little colour to a fruit-inspired tiled wall.


Kitchen tiles ideas - plum fruit ceramic wall tile
Another popular British garden fruit – a purple plum, based on an antique botanical illustration.

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Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Berries Tiles

Kitchen tiles ideas - red raspberry fruit ceramic wall tile
These detailed red raspberries add a splash of colour to a kitchen wall.


Kitchen tiles ideas - Elderberries fruit ceramic wall tile
Elderberries are found in abundance in the countryside in late summer and autumn. This tile looks great in a kitchen for home produce enthusiasts.


Kitchen Tiles Ideas - Strawberry fruit ceramic wall tile
These vintage style bright red strawberries add some cheerful colour and detail to a kitchen wall


Kitchen tiles ideas - Gooseberry fruit ceramic wall tile
Keen gardeners and fruit growers might enjoy this Gooseberry design. Based on an antique illustration, the tile has a traditional look.

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Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Herb Tiles

Kitchen tiles ideas - Basil herb ceramic wall tile
These vibrant Basil leaves were originally painted in watercolours, giving them a soft, hand-painted look.


Kitchen tiles ideas - Parsley herb ceramic wall tile
Another delicate design with a hand-painted look, this Parsley leaf design looks great in a kitchen where lots of healthy home cooking takes place.


Kitchen tiles ideas - sage herb ceramic wall tile
Another design originally hand-painted in watercolours, this Sage herb tile has deeper green colours.


Kitchen tiles ideas - Rosemary herb ceramic wall tile
These delicate Rosemary sprigs add a subtle hint of colour and detail to a tiled kitchen wall.


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Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Flower Tiles

Kitchen tiles ideas - pink Hydrangea flower ceramic wall tile
Of course kitchen tiles don’t have to be food related! This pink Hydrangea was originally a watercolour painting and has soft colours and lots of detail.


Kitchen tiles ideas - Lavender flower ceramic wall tiles
Another design which started out as a watercolour painting, this delicate Lavender flower design adds a subtle hint of colour. Scattered here and there, they can be a great way to break up a plain tiled kitchen wall.


Kitchen tiles ideas - Yellow Lily flower ceramic wall tile
This wonderfully detailed Lily flower adds a bright and cheerful splash of colour to a kitchen wall


Kitchen tiles ideas - white Lily flower ceramic wall tile
Another Lily flower, this time in white. Based on an antique illustration, the design has a vintage look and could work well in a period or country kitchen.

Kitchen Tiles Ideas: Patterned Tiles

Kitchen tiles ideas - pale green and pink roses patterned wall tile
Patterned tiles can also work well in kitchens. This tile has vintage style roses on a pale green background and could work well with vintage style or ‘shabby chic’ kitchen decor.


kitchen tiles ideas - pale green roses wall tiles checker pattern example
Patterned tiles can work well when used in a checker pattern with plain tiles.


Kitchen tiles ideas - fruit tiles checker pattern example
An alternative way of creating a checker pattern is to choose several different designs and alternate with plain tiles.


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Kitchen Tiles Ideas - grey roses ceramic wall tiles pattern example
Tiles with a seamless pattern – such as these grey roses tiles – can be placed together to create a larger pattern. This could work well to create a statement kitchen splashback.


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Kitchen tiles ideas - patchwork wall tiles example in blues
For those who want to create an eye-catching feature wall in their kitchen, mixing and matching patterned tiles to create a patchwork wall could be one way to do it.


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I hope that some of these ideas have given you inspiration for designing your kitchen walls. For even more tiles  inspiration, you can visit our tiles ideas blog here. To browse dozens more tile designs, you can visit our online shop here. All the best!

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