Guest Blog: Designer Kitchens Share their Top 5 Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas


Transform the look of your kitchen by mounting some stylish tiling! Whether you’re planning on a complete kitchen renovation or if you just want to revamp your current one, you can definitely alter the whole vibe of the room by simply changing your tiles – or installing them from scratch. But with so many design options to choose from, the real question is– where to begin? Here are our top 5 kitchen splashback tiles ideas.

Blend in some luxury

Everybody loves marble but not everyone can afford to purchase it. The solution? Marble-like porcelain tiles that aren’t as costly as natural marble slabs. This type of tiling is particularly ideal for compact kitchens because you won’t need many of the tiles to fill in a portion of a wall. This small kitchen has been given a really high-end finish, thanks to the gorgeous porcelain splashback.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles Ideas - marble-like porcelain tiles

Opt for the geometric look

When fitting tiles with geometrical shapes, think carefully about what you’ll place on the counters; it has to be as neat and minimal as possible, so you’d still be able to see the magnificence of the splashback itself. Also, keeping a neutral colour palette helps make your space look bigger and brighter.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles ideas - geometric look wall tiles

Go for something unique

Who says kitchen splashback tiles should only form linear shapes? Truth is, most people do. But really, it’s all about imagination, creativity, and lots of research! In this particular kitchen, two clusters of hexagonal tiles (that are somewhat forming a honeycomb-like shape) are organized to create a unique-looking splashback. It works particularly well in contrast to the clean monochrome lines of this kitchen area.

Kitchen splashback tiles ideas - hexagonal wall tile clusters

Mix up different patterns

Uniform tile design isn’t the only way to integrate kitchen splashback tiles into your kitchen. Some home owners opt to create a stylish splashback by using mismatched patterned tiles in the same colourway. If you don’t want to stick with a single colour theme, you can always go for multi-coloured tiles to add a bit of interest to the space. 

Floral tiles are also a great way to add colour and interest to your kitchen splashback tiles, especially if you are going for a vintage look in a period home or country house.

Kitchen splashback tiles ideas - decorative patterned tiles by Floral Tiles.


Kitchen Splashback Tiles: Classic white tiles with a twist

White tiles will always be the fail-safe kitchen splashback tiles option to some people. But it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some character and style into it! In this kitchen, a glossy, bevelled version of white tiles have been mounted in a unique way, and it only goes halfway through the wall as well. The result? A modern-looking kitchen space.

Kitchen splashback tiles ideas - classic white wall tiles placed diagonally with a zig zag border

Don’t settle for the same old kitchen splashback tiles designs you see everyday. Be unique and showcase your creativity! Browse through to Designer Kitchens to discover more luxury kitchen design ideas.

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