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Thank you for your interest in Floral Tiles. This page is to give you more information about Floral Tiles and our products.

We are an independent online company with no shop or showroom, our small team decorate each tile to order, in North Yorkshire in the UK.

About Floral Tiles

Below we have listed the answers to some frequently asked questions, to tell you more about Floral Tiles.

If you have any further questions, please let us know using our contact form.

What are Floral tiles made of?

They are ceramic, with a white glaze on one side, to which we add the flower or plant design.

Do the tiles have a matt or gloss finish?

The tiles have a gloss finish, which has several advantages. Firstly, tiles with a gloss finish are more water and stain resistant. They are much easier to wipe clean and so ideal for places such as bathrooms and kitchens where regular cleaning takes place. Tiles with a gloss finish also reflect more light, adding light to a room and making it feel larger and brighter.

Where can I use the tiles?

Floral Tiles can be used on the walls of rooms, indoors. They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, porches, conservatories, utility rooms, en-suites, garages or pretty much anywhere indoors that you care to decorate your walls with tiles! The images are UV-stable, so don’t fade in sunlight.

Can the tiles be cleaned and washed?

Yes. The flower tile designs are permanent and can withstand regular cleaning, as you might do in a kitchen or bathroom.

The tile designs are not etched into the tile, making them easier to keep clean and hygienic.

We use the same technology as that used to decorate ceramic plates and mugs, which are put through dishwashers again and again – so the images are very durable.

Have the tiles been safety tested?

Yes, they have. Samples of our tiles have been tested to European safety standards by an independent global company, an expert in materials testing. They are tested for several factors, such as whether they can withstand high temperatures (such as being near a kettle or oven), whether they will strongly adhere to a wall, fire resistance and that the tile and the glazes and inks used to decorate them do not release dangerous metals. Whoever you buy the tiles for the walls inside your home from, we suggest that you seek similar assurance that they meet these safety standards.

What sizes are Floral Tiles available in?

Square tiles are available in 100mm x 100mm (10cm x 10cm) or 150mm x 150mm (15cm x 15cm). Please select your preferred size from the box on the product page. Border tiles measure 200mm x 100mm (20cm x 10cm).  All tiles are 6.5mm deep.

We believe our flower designs look best on smallish tiles, which give an authentic vintage feel and classic look to a room. Smaller tiles can also be easier to fit around tricky areas such as sockets and cupboards in kitchens and bathrooms.

The larger tile sizes have the advantage that you need fewer of them to cover an area, so if you are tiling a large area the job may be able to be done more quickly and with lower labour costs.

Are They Vintage Tiles?

No. They are new, unused and made only when you order them. The benefit of this is that the base tiles and inks used are modern and manufactured to high quality and safety standards. Another advantage is that genuine vintage tiles can be tricky to find (they can be difficult to remove from a wall without breaking them) and therefore expensive. Our products are a cost-effective way to get a vintage or retro effect in your room.

We do use the term ‘vintage-style’ to describe some of our tiles, which we hope makes it clear that they are made in a vintage style and are not actually old tiles. Many of our flower tile designs are based on antique illustrations, which add a vintage style or retro feel to a room, making them well suited for use in period homes or the more contemporary homes of those customers who, like us, love all things vintage.

How long does it take to make my tiles?

Once we have received your order, we hand print each of your images and apply to the tiles one by one  then leave them to dry thoroughly overnight before firing them in a kiln to make the images permanent. We take time and care to ensure your tiles are of the highest quality and aim to send you your tiles within about 10 working days after your order placement (delivery time will be additional to this). If you plan to order 100+ tiles the timescales might be a bit longer so we suggest you contact us so that we can give you a better idea of when you can expect to receive them.

Can I order sample Floral tiles before placing my full order?

Yes and we recommend you order just one tile initially as a sample, especially if you have very specific colour requirements (as colours can appear different on a screen to the way they look in real life and in the specific lighting of your room).

There are no minimum order quantities (ie you can just order one tile if you like). Delivery costs are lower when ordering a small number of tiles. Please see further down the page for details on delivery costs.

Which Payment Methods do you Accept?

You can pay online using most major credit or debit cards via Stripe or via PayPal.

How does delivery work and how much does it cost?

Delivery is based on the total weight of the tiles in your order. 100-millimetre square tiles weigh 110 grams, 150mm square tiles weigh 250g and 200x100mm border tiles weigh 200g. For deliveries to the UK mainland, the following costs apply: for orders with a total tile weight of 950g or less, we will send these via Royal Mail 48-hour service and the cost is £2.95. For orders with a total tile weight of more than 950g and up to and including 4.8kg, the cost will be £7.95 and these will be sent via 48-hour courier. For orders with a total tile weight of more than 4.8kg and up to and including 19.0kg, the cost will be £9.95 and they will be sent via a 48-hour courier.

For orders with a total tile weight of more than 19.0kg, please contact us to request a delivery quote before placing your order.

Delivery cost to the mainland Republic of Ireland is also based on weight, starting from £12.99 is stated in the checkout process.

If you are based outside of the UK mainland and wish to place an order, please contact us to discuss.

Please note that delivery times are in addition to the time taken to make your tiles (which is approximately 5 working days)

How can I offer Floral Tiles to customers in my shop?

Please send us a message using our contact form and we will be in touch.

What if I can’t find the tile design I was looking for?

We have many many more potential flower and plant designs available. If you wanted tiles with a type of flower or plant not shown on the website, or in a different style, please contact us and we’ll see whether we can find what you are looking for (no promises, but we’ll try!)

Is Floral Tiles environmentally-friendly?

This is important to us and we try our best to be. Ceramic tiles are largely made from natural, biodegradable materials and last a very long time, so have low replacement rates. We use tiles made in the UK by manufacturers who also care about the environment. This reduces the distance they have to be transported and their carbon footprint. Our kilns are modern and very efficient. The packaging we use is largely recycled and widely recyclable. Whenever possible we use carbon-neutral couriers to deliver your tiles to you.

What is the difference between Floral Tiles and tile “tattoos” (tile stickers)?

The images on our tiles are permanent. Stickers can peel off in the humid conditions of a kitchen or bathroom, stand up less well to regular cleaning and, in our opinion, don’t look nearly as good as real tiles. Stickers are useful if you want to change your room regularly, but are not really designed to last for the long term. A great thing about Floral Tiles is that if you are aiming for a vintage style, real tiles will give the best effect.

I have a different question about Floral Tiles, how can I contact you?

If we didn’t answer your question here and you’d like to know more about Floral Tiles, please fill in our contact form with your question or email info@floraltiles.co.uk.

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Happy decorating!